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We at Raidan are dedicated individuals, entrepreneurs and business entities from various walks of life who share a collective enthusiasm and mindset for new technologies & advancements in a global scope. Together we aspire to create an environment that would provide everyone with the latest news & updates along with the vast collection of technological communities.

In addition to the blog, we publish software and development-related content on our social media channels, including Youtube and Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us on our socials.


To start with the team, each team member has a unique perspective into the world of technology through their abilities.

Firstly it’s Aidan Perera, the founder of Raidan. His interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the need to educate people with the draw for the future led him to start this blog.

Next in line is Manura Liyanawatte, an up-and-coming Business Analyst looking to learn and dive into all technical aspects of the world. Him being a big motorhead, people can look forward to seeing various automotive technology-related content on the blog.

Past Work Under The Brand of RP Development

Raidan's past started as a small side hustle that helped various businesses with custom software applications. It began with the brand name RP Development/RP Dev. At RP Development, the team dove into multiple projects in different industries, from websites to web applications, to managing their internal business activities using customized dashboards, giving us insight and knowledge into various industries and standards.

To name a few projects, we have worked on;

Are a few that we name among a sea of various other projects.

Raidan | A Trek to Info Tech

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